May ever feel annoyed and confused when going to install an application on the phone but there is insufficient memory, whereas the application on the phone little and the capacity is not so great.

You’ve tried to delete applications and data that are not needed but the phone memory is still full?

Usually it can happen because your mobile phone is exposed to a virus that comes from an application you ever install. My advice, do not haphazardly install the application if the application is not clear origin.

The solution from Softeteco is to reset the phone owned by my friend. With reset, the phone will be back to the original condition as a new friend first bought the phone.

The downside, all the existing applications on your mobile pal will be lost. But my friend does not have to worry if it is in the phone pal a lot of important data that do not want to go missing, my friend can move it to the memory card first and then unplug the memory card before my friend reset the phone.

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To reset the phone is as follows:

Please go to the menu “Setting” or in the Indonesian language is “Settings”,

Locate and click the “Backup & Reset” menu or in the Indonesian language “Back up & reset”

After that please click the menu “Factory data reset” or “Restore to factory settings”,

Read in advance the commands or warnings. If you have not removed the memory card when it will reset, at the bottom there will be an option to delete data on the memory card. Please adjust according to your wishes.

After the command is read and my friend has made a choice, now just click “Reset device” or “Reset phone”

Wait for the process until finished about 5 minutes to 10 minutes depending on the amount of data available in your mobile phone.

After the process is complete, now your pal has been successfully reset and phone memory pal will be back as the first time my friend bought the phone (new circumstances). Good luck!

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